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Title: Picture Strips for a Ratwork Zoetrope
Contains: Self injury, drug use, dubcon, video with flickering lights, spoilers for 100+ (specifically: Persuasive 83, Dangerous 41, A Person of Some Importance). NSFW

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Over at [community profile] sidequest, there's an Echo Bazaar prompt meme with several lovely prompts already! Fic or art or whatever is welcome.
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For those who have not heard, Failbetter has created a promotional game for The Night Circus, an upcoming book by Erin Morgenstern. The game is charming and lovely, as one would expect. If you would like me to send you an invite please let me know (my Twitter handle is the same as my Dreamwidth handle), but you can also join the game on your own.
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I went looking for photos of mushrooms that looked like they belong in the Neath, and this is what I came up with. :)

A closeup of mushrooms growing amid fuzzy moss. Two rounded mushrooms. A bunch of mushrooms in a blue mist.

See them here at [community profile] gosh
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I'm looking for twitter buddies to play with - I need people to ask out for dinner! :D

If anyone is interested please add me @Sam_Gardener.
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A little ephemera art. (Spoilers for "Assisting a Keen-Eyed Lapidary".)

Here: Could you be a dear..?

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Title: Tallow Chandlers
Contains: Spoilers for Disgraced Exile in the Tomb-Colonies. (skip) Self-injury, bloodplay, body modification.

Tallow Chandlers
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I set up a feed for the Deep Dark Marvelous tumblr, in case anyone else would like to add it. It's worth checking out if you haven't seen it, they manage to turn up some very odd images.
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So of course the day I decide to buy some fate is the day EB goes down (is it being flaky for everyone else?). While I'm waiting: what do people recommend spending it on? (apart from becoming an exceptional friend, which I've done) Are any of the extra storylets particularly worth doing?

Level caps

Feb. 25th, 2011 06:47 pm
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I know Shadowy was just raised, but what exactly are the other level caps?
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Besides robbing drunks (or going to the bazaar) is there any place I can get these?
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I asked my friends and none of them knew, but maybe one of you do. Does anybody know how you acquire a Starveling Cat?
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Bazaar Watcher is an extension for Chrome that adds a little browser action button which keeps track of how many actions you currently have at EBZ.

Simple, but effective.

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About the only thing Echo Bazaar lacks is a soundtrack--which, admittedly, would get really annoying after a while, so it's just as well that particular thing has been left up to the fans. I've been sort of working on a fanmix for it, if by "working on" you can include "tagging any artist or track that remotely sounds like it might work so I can come back to it later and be overwhelmed," which in this case I do. It's just stuff that feels right atmospherically, for the most part, or the lyrics sound very close to the sorts of things that happen in the game. And, uh, instead of making an iTunes playlist, so far I've just made an Echo Bazaar tag on, which...quickly became one of my, like, top 5 used tags. As in, I may have used it 50+ times. And that's without me even really working on the mix--mostly I just tagged artists I thought should go in there somewhere, but I wasn't sure which of their songs.

More importantly: an aspiring-musician friend of mine (prufrocke on Twitter/Echo Bazaar, faeriemaiden at LJ, not sure if she has a DW) has just released her very first actual album, which includes the rather creepy and fantastic "Nightmarket"--and in case it's not obvious enough from the title and lyrics, this particular song was heavily inspired by Echo Bazaar. And seriously, I'm not just being biased because I'm her friend when I say that this song is awesome. (So are the other ones on the album; "My Head Is Full of Hymns," "Orchard," and "Priya Song" are my other favorites, for what it's worth.) Since it's up on Bandcamp, you can stream it free and see what you think, and...maybe buy it if you like it? I mean, most of you probably supported a Struggling Artist in one way or another already, and this struggling artist is actually, you know, real and trying to go to college.

ALSO. Poking around on some forums introduced me to Radio Free Neath, which is possibly the most awesome thing ever. This guy's been regularly broadcasting on since January, and the songs are fantastic and very Neath-like and it kind of makes me despair over ever making a decent fanmix because clearly there are SO MANY MORE good songs for Fallen London than I'd realized. Seriously, if you play Echo Bazaar at all, you want to be listening. (Also he made his own Starveling Cat rhyme, which is several more kinds of awesome.)
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...and I'm looking for twitter buddies to play. Unfortunately, I only have one friend who plays right now, so if anyone's looking for another EB player, add me! @auguris

Just let me know either here or by sending me a tweet -- I get so many spam accounts adding me that I don't even check the emails telling me I have a new follower, I just delete them.
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So, here is a post to collect all the Starveling Cat quotes we can find. Comment if you have more not included in the list!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Jumped down the well for a good long chat!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Comes for the child who acts like a brat!

the Starveling Cat! the Starveling Cat! it knows what we think! and we don't like that!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Why does it look at us like that?

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Swims like a bloodfish! Tastes like a sprat!

the Starveling Cat! louder than a dog! taller than a rat!

the Starveling Cat! the Starveling Cat! it likes your bones! it prefers your fat!

the Starveling Cat! the Starveling Cat! warm as a lizard! fragrant as a bat!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Sharp as ravenglass! Blunt as a bat!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Quick as a ratgun! Sharp as a gnat!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Wraps round your throat like a cheap cravat!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Sits on your chest when you're sleeping flat!

"Whose name's on your collar Mr Starveling Cat?" "Come closer, my dear, if you want to read that...

The Sterveling Ket! TheThe Sterveling Ket! What did it find in thethe oubliette?

Starveling Kitty! Starveling Kitty! Ruled the roofs of five stolen cities!


@prufrocke the Starveling Cat! the Starveling Cat! More fantastic than you and that is that! :D
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